AI-driven Technical Analysis for every chart.

Unlock the power of AI-driven technical analysis directly within TradingView's Advanced Charts with the ChartEye TradingView Plugin.

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We are partnered with TradingView, a top-tier charting and trading platform, to elevate your experience. Access advanced charting and market analysis tools, amplifying success and gaining valuable insights into financial markets.

Your Gateway to AI-Driven Technical Analysis

This revolutionary plugin empowers traders with unparalleled insights and actionable data-driven decisions, all with just a few clicks.

Activate the ChartEye plugin effortlessly with just a few lines of code, seamlessly integrating into the TradingView interface.

Understanding the Complexity of Charts

With its seamless integration into TradingView's Advanced Charts library, ChartEye empowers traders of all levels to optimize their trading strategies and maximize their potential for success.


Generate an AI-driven technical analysis with only a few clicks.

Our plugin is designed to instantly generate an AI-driven Technical Analysis and tackle the complexities of chart analysis head-on.

Improve & Learn

Improve the analysis by interacting with the AI and educate yourself.

ChartEye is designed to help you learn and improve your trading strategies by providing pre-defined prompts and the ability the send custom prompts.


Each technical analysis is assigned a unique URL which is easily shareable.

Eager to share the freshly generated technical analysis with other traders? Each TA will be available on and is easily shareable.

ChartEye ❤️ TradingView Advanced Charts

Advanced Charts

The library that forms the beating heart of the financial web.

TradingView's Advanced Charts library is the pinnacle of technical analysis tools, providing traders with a user-friendly interface, real-time data streaming, and a comprehensive suite of indicators.

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How to integrate ChartEye into TradingView's Advanced Charts

Once you have obtained an API key (and your domain is whitelisted), you can start integrating the ChartEye plugin into TradingView's Advanced Charts and unlock the power of AI-driven technical analysis for every chart. Here's how:

1. Add the ChartEye TradingView Plugin script to your project. Either via npm:

npm install @danalytica/charteye-tradingview-plugin

or via CDN:


2. Instantiate the plugin by passing an instance of the TradingView.widget constructor and a configuration object with at least a ChartEye API key:

const widget = new TradingView.widget({
  // Your Advanced Charts configuration

const charteyePlugin = new ChartEye(widget, {
  apiKey: 'xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx',

3. Call the `init` method to initialize the plugin:


More documentation is coming soon!


Pricing plans that fit your needs.

ChartEye pricing plans are coming soon.